Lorry transport is a vital component of India’s logistics network

Technology has started to play a significant role in transforming the lorry transport industry in India. Fleet management systems, GPS tracking, and digital freight marketplaces are being adopted to optimize operations, improve efficiency, and provide real-time visibility into the movement of goods. Lorry transport is a vital component of India’s logistics network, enabling the smooth … Read more

Challenges faced by the lorry transport

The lorry transport industry in India is highly fragmented and comprises a mix of organized and unorganized players. Large logistics companies, as well as small-scale truck owners and operators, contribute to this sector. Additionally, there are also freight brokers and transport aggregators that connect shippers with truck owners, providing more streamlined logistics solutions. Challenges faced … Read more

Large fleet of commercial vehicles

Lorry transport, also known as truck transport, plays a crucial role in the transportation of goods in India. With its vast road network and diverse geographical landscape, India heavily relies on lorries to connect various regions and facilitate the movement of goods across the country. Lorry transport in India is primarily dominated by a large … Read more